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Can someone help me with decrypting these scripts?

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    • By Baron-Kirin
      This script has too many keywords, too many pcalls and local, which makes it impossible for me to modify the link to display the script source code, can you give me some help?
      This encryption is very complicated and dazzling.lua
    • By Baron-Kirin
      I can't intercept data without knowing the password.  I want to know what to write,Blocked password crackers,8.62.0 Game Guardian password cracking program does not seem to work,The same encrypted text as required
      The whole network seeks to crack.luazb
    • By Baron-Kirin
      I don't have a password for this script,The contents of this script cannot be intercepted using a script interceptor,if you are free,help me,Untie it,Thank you  
      National super god (Seeking decryption).lua
    • By Rastakiwi
      Game: True skate
      Version: 1.4.39
      Comments: what I wanted to show here is not really the currency hack itself, but the use of Code App memory range.
      Hello, I wanted to share an example of editing Code App memory range. I show you how a value stored there can look like and how to know when you have to search in Code App's reserved memory.
      It has also something to do with Xor encryption, but if you want more infos about it, Eniby has already posted a tutorial about encrypted search on this forum, but I tried to explain it briefly in the description of the video ;).
      I reuploaded the video because sound and video were s*** and also because of new update (Xor key changed). It should be ways better! 🙂