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Bloons TD6 Request


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I found out how to hack knowledge and money. So with the knowledge, I would recommend having at least 3 points to start with. First, find 3 under double then use one point and search for 2 under double. (un-encrypted) then there should be two addresses that show up. Change both to how ever many you want AND FREEZE the value (normal). NEXT YOU MUST spend the last knowledge point(you should have 0 now) on what ever and quit the game and relaunch it. Done! Same goes for monkey money. You must change the value(buy something) at least once after you freeze it or it won't work. 

Ask me if you are confused. I'll try making a video. 



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4 hours ago, julius1504 said:

I made a video on how to hack monkey money, monkey experience and ingame cash. Thanks to Tosiitii and Sushiro who figured this out.

0:40 - Monkey Money
3:55 - Monkey Knowledge
5:53 - Ingame Cash


Cool video man! Saved me the trouble of making one. ?

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you guys are awesome!!

Just a curious wondering: is anyone working on Double Cash mode? even if it has to be done some other way than with GG? normally i'd be fine paying for a few things for awesome games such as this, but that price tag..... OMG... it's just a mobile game!

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I know my account is brand new but I feel this would help out a lot of people looking for this so spread it around (https://youtu.be/P2sPhzqVwrg) I just posted hacking the monkey Knowledge values and it nearly drove me mad XD



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I have been able to find out how to alter the values of both the monkey money and the powerups.

Ill provide the powerups as an example since both work in the same manner

1. Put the type as 'Double' and search the value of the powerup you would like to edit

2. Once the scan has completed, purchase the powerup once and see which of the results changes. Delete those that remained the same. 

3. Edit the value and enable freeze. Go into the floppy disk tab and edit there as well so that the number in the parenthesis is the amount you would like to have. Once both the search tab and floppy disk tab has the same numbers showing, you purchase the powerup again and exit the game. If on bluestacks, just press the back button on the bottom right until a prompt comes up telling you if you want to exit

4. Open the game up again. You want to look for an error screen that has a number of options. Select the 'restart the game' option.

5. Profit!!!

The monkey money is the exact same. This is how i have been doing it and i have had success. 

Screenshot 1.PNG

Screenshot 2.PNG

Screenshot 3.PNG

Screenshot 4.PNG

Screenshot 5.PNG

Screenshot 6.PNG

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%100 working method for knowledge points everyone. 

1. Respec all points spent 

2. Spend 1 point and search 1 in dword

3. Spend another point and search 2 in sword

4. Spend another point and search 3 in dword (by now you should have spent 3 points) 

5. Exit to the knowledge menu where you pick primary, military etc. 

6. Set all values to 999999999 

7. Respec the 3 points spent 

There you have it. You're welcome ;) 

Let me know if you need any help add me on snapchat: danieln8925 

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On 2018/6/23 at PM6点34分, julius1504 said:


55- 猴子知识5: 53-游戏中现金


Can the video be shared

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