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Hyper Heroes

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Screenshot_2018-05-22-20-01-09_1526987416241.thumb.jpg.a27e12ca766a9b7b35e9d3bee049aab7.jpgHello There, i have a question. before i'm able to hacked that top up. i searched the value Dword (eg. 6280;3280;2000)

after all, i changed to 0. now i able to claim. yes .. before i'm able to claim. but now NO. and the message appear like what on my screenshot. is there's another chance to hack that game? i hacked only the HP. and the rest no.

the Game Name Hyper Heroes.


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Did you manage to hack that top up again? I've tried this before, but i was never able to make it work. Does anybody know how to make it work? Everytime i try to open GameGuardian it crashes the game.

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