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GG Victim

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In our videos you can see the application GG Victim (formerly GG victum).
This is a test application that we created ourselves.
You can never get or download it, because it's a private application.
You can not ask for a link or apk - this will never happen.

The reason for creating this application: it is very difficult to find games that meet the necessary requirements to show some features of the work of GG. Also, there are copyright issues when uploading a video to Youtube.

This application contains a lot of code that can help developers to strengthen protection or bypass GG. Therefore, this application can not be downloaded.

If you need a test application for video recording or training, look for such application yourself.

If you do not understand what a test application is, and you think that without GG Victim you can not work with GG, then GG is definitely not for you. Uninstall the GG.

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