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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery


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So, after much fumbling, I've gotten my stuff to start working. I've noticed that the attributes seem to have changed in how to be adjusted. If you're brand new, you likely only have to do a fuzzy search and refine down by how many points its increased. If you're using an established account (like you're over level one) you have to take the overall point total and refine by how much its increased.

There's a good table on reddit that has the points required for each level - thankfully, the attributes all have the same numbers - that can help with the calculation.

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Greetings everyone! Is there a way how to instantly unlock new subjects? Grinding for 9 stars for every subject is really time consuming and even with auto clicker it becomes so repetetive I can barely do that for an hour.

The speedhack no longer works, and hacking stars doesn't work either. Isn't there a way how to make this faster?

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