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    • By MasterJim
      Hey guys, I have a problem with game guardian for quite a long now. I want to hack Messenger's football game to prank a friend and I saw some tutorials. I did everything  correctly but I stuck on the last step.
      Game Guardian freezes\pauses the game when tapping on its icon. This did't work for me. Several people had the same issue on the comments but I wasn't able to find a solution. 
      I would be pleased if someone that knows the solution helps me. I have also tried some settings like fast freeze and stuff, but they did not work. I use game guardian on android one, running on parallel space.
    • By SherlockDomes

      I've been trying to cheat the highscore in the soccer game on messenger, as soon as I change the value.. the third value goes to negative and the highscore doesnt get updated

      I tried the same method for the basketball game and it worked, did they patch it? Or what is going on :[ .. 

    • By kirgis
      Hello! I've been trying forever to find the value of messenger's games but everytime i keep scanning i end up with no results, I even tried repeating some tutorial from youtube to no avail. What am I doing wrong? Did facebook patch it and make it no longer possible?
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