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Mkx crashing after trying to get new character

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Hello , guys...

So I have a problem with adding characters (MKX mobile is on version 1.15.1) .  As the title says, the game crashes after applying and accepting the value of new character. I did the fight, enter the new xp count and made it to the code stuff etc(the part where i type the fusion , level and character codes). Sometimes it crashes right after i enter the code. Is it because of the wrong character code or the game just can't handle it even if the game runs perfectly fine when fighting and on main menu...

I would also be thankful if someone would give me the codes for this version of the game and tell me my mistakes. If you have additional questions to the problem , then ask them and i will try my best to answer them.

EDIT 1: The coins hack works well. I haven't tried out the soul one , because it searches over 100 or sometimes even over 5000 results , so yeah...


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