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Hey guys im just new here i dont do much of hacking but i would love to learn more !!


Can you please tell me guys who are the hackers on this group ? 

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    • By saiaapiz
      How to upload Lua Script in LUA Script download section ? 🤔
    • By ankit007
      hey everyone i am new here and not much good at hacking 
    • By Samiishi
      Hello i just joined yesterday . im 21 from japan, hacking games is my hobby learning new is a must !
      They say hackers were cheaters but i guess it just were advance to them and more knowledgable .. We know things they dont know i know some gamers love to play fair thats why they hackers like us .. So what are your thoughts about them ? To the people who hate hackers?

    • By Mbon
      Im using oppo f1fw
      OS 5.1.1
      Yea i try using GG and its success connect in-game (Toram Online Dev. Asob*m*). after a few minute i walking around ingame (GG running and i still not change anything), i still can play game.
      But, after i trying activated speedhacks, also change some number. Asob*m* kicked me out of the game. well its weird for me, i think i can baypass, but im not.
      i restart game and try with play again. its work. but i when i start SpeedHack again, he kick me again.
      any1 have experiece to by pass like this case ?
      or someone can give me a advice to "bypass" it or have mod for this game ?
      Thanks in advice
      Im not using Xprivacy or anyhiding apps, its really hard time to find for ColourOS and 5.1.1 (framework also not working at my device)
    • By AwakenShogun
      Hello to everyone... My name is AwakenShogun... I just recently join this forum cause i have an interest about random stuffs... stuffs that i can learn in my daily life and i can use it to improve my knowledge... Please treat me like a person that answer your quest... I might give you some tips, opinion and etc... I like talking about random stuffs and i have a great sense of humor... So dont be shy to message me... So please take a good care of me...

      Anyway my hobby is : Playing computer games, Reading Books, Reading Manga, Reading Light Novels, Watching Animated Films, Watching Movie, Playing Badminton, Playing Basket ball, Playing tennis, Drawing Random Stuffs(Not stick figures),and most of all my favorite hobby is to SLEEP and EAT...