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Desert Island Fishing

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Name of Requested File: Desert Island Fishing

Link To Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.springloaded.desertislandfishing&hl=in

Is the game server-sided: no

Comments: i can't hack this game. I tried change the money value but it revert to original value. I tried fuzzy search, but the result is the same.

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I will share how to hack gold. Haven't figured pearls yet... 

But I can and will share

Buy any item (not the ones that cost pearls). 

Equip ANY ITEM (even the bait that cost pearls). 

Cast to EXACT depth

And 100% success when you pick the item to reel in. 

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Search for the known value of 200;10000 dword and it should edit the standard hooks. Change the 200 dwords only.

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      modification and effect: yes, effect getting kicked out after few seconds and or banned after few kicks/warnings.
      methods i found.
      method 1)fuzzy change unchange + gamepause works but takes a lot of time, this worked well while on the afk fishing.
              note: real value is = to 6-7 digits it is above the visual value.
      method 2)string search using the visual value. example you have 7896 of what your looking for use that for your search. works well even on the intro but likely to be banned.
      attatched file is proof of editing got banned though

      thanks in advance who'll look into this 🙂