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Help with the correct English

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	<string name="count_different">Quantity does not match:</string>
	<string name="help_faq_32_q">What\'s the difference with the HW/SW versions? And which one should I use?</string>
	<string name="help_faq_32_a">"Two activities to run. The first one with hardware acceleration - \"__app_short_name_hw__\", the second one with software acceleration - \"__app_short_name_sw__\". Now it will always be so.
On some firmware works only one of this options, and on the usual firmware - both work.

You can use any option that works for you. This option does not significantly affect anything."</string>


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	<string name="try_latest">Perhaps this script needs the latest version of __app_name__. Try to update to the latest version.</string>
	<string name="help_string_search_title">Text (string, HEX, AoB) search</string>
	<string name="help_string_search">At the moment, the search for text is performed only through the lua script with some limitations. The script can be downloaded on our website in the downloads section.</string>
	<string name="download_scripts">Download scripts</string>
	<string name="hide_icons">Hide launcher icons</string>	
	<string name="select_mode">Select mode</string>
	<string name="mode_string">Text</string>
	<string name="mode_mixed">Mixed</string>
	<string name="string_search_prompt">Enter a text to search for, up to __d__ bytes in length. For example</string>
	<string name="string_empty">You must enter a text.</string>
	<string name="string_greater">The text is greater than __d__ bytes long (__d__). Only the first __d__ bytes will be used: \"__s__\"</string>
	<string name="string_not_found">The text \"__s__\" was not found.</string>	
	<string name="string_found">Found __d__ matches for the text \"__s__\".</string>
	<string name="string_replace">Do you want to replace them?</string>
	<string name="string_replace_prompt">Enter the text to replace \"__s__\". The length is no more than __d__ bytes.</string>
	<string name="replace_shorter">The replacement text is shorter than the search text. What symbol to fill it to the required length?</string>
	<string name="symbol_zero">Zero</string>
	<string name="symbol_space">Space</string>
	<string name="string_replaced">Replaced \"__s__\" to \"__s__\" in __d__ places.</string>
	<string name="use_instrumentation">Use Instrumentation:</string>
	<string name="need_allow_background">On this firmware, you must allow working __app_name__ in the background, in the system settings.</string>	
	<string name="calculate_offset_xor">Calculate offset, XOR</string>
	<string name="select_copy_item">Select an item to copy:</string>
	<string name="landscape">Landscape</string>
	<string name="portrait">Portrait</string>
	<string name="toolbar_buttons">Toolbar buttons</string>	
	<string name="need_update_to">You need a newer version of __app_name__ to run this script. At least version __s__. You have version __s__.</string>
	<string name="default_mark">default</string>
	<string name="default_">Default:</string>
	<string name="reset_button">Reset</string>
	<string name="help_hex_colors_title">Colors in the memory editor</string>
	<string name="help_hex_colors">"* __help_hex_colors_title__:
If the hex representation is not white, but color, then most likely in this value is the pointer. The color indicates which type of memory this pointer refers to.
This can be __executable__ memory, __writable__ or __read_only__. In rare cases, it can be __writable_and_executable__ memory."</string>
	<string name="executable">executable</string>
	<string name="writable">writable</string>
	<string name="read_only">read-only</string>
	<string name="writable_and_executable">writable and executable</string>


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	<string name="help_extract">Extract the help</string>
	<string name="help_extract_done">The help is extracted to __s__</string>
	<string name="help_extract_fail">An error occurred while extracting the help:</string>


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	<string name="try_arm_version">Try using the version of __app_name__ with support for older ARM processors:</string>


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