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Found 87 results

  1. What I want to say is that: 1. User clicks GG icon 2. Search '2' in DWORD 3. Clicks icon again 4. Refine number as '3' 5. Clicks icon again 6. Refine number as '1' 7. Clicks icon again 8. Refine number as '2' So, what is the code for this? I tried gg.isClickedUiButton but it isn't working
  2. Can you help me out toh find the value off this game,how can I find the so so the colour of the puzzle become one colour,plzz help
  3. Can anyone help me in hacking Naruto x Boruto ninja voltage latest version 8.2.1. I will appreciate your efforts
  4. How retrive the value of an offset address and use the value as variable? how to retrive the value of an offset address? gg.searchNumber("19811;1065353216;10616;10606;10611::", gg.TYPE_DWORD, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1, 5) r = gg.getResults(gg.getResultsCount()) t = { { address = r[1].address - 0x8 } } p = { { val = t[1].value } } print(' value: ', p[1].value) this giving me nil i want to use val as variable
  5. Hello im wondering if is there a better way to coding this i just want to edit every 4th index of the table
  6. Can someone help me? I try to hack red and green key using game guardian i did found some value but it doesnt change at all? Sorry for big data download when u try the game https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=games.wfs.anothereden
  7. Is it game unhackable? I kinda invested lots of time on it so stopped attempting my subpar attempts in case I might get banned, but it's a single player game so am assuming am just doing something really wrong. because so far all values revert no matter what I do, and also if you attempt to buy with changed values the game closes. LINK: Postknight 2 (Early Access)
  8. Target Game (Official Google Play Link): "EMERGENCY HQ - firefighter rescue strategy game" Request: I request any cheat in this game. It's P2W so I don't want to pay for anything. I'm searching for any kind of hack, doesn't matters. But mostly currency, of course, thanks from now! Information: The game is fully online right now, it connects itself to the server. So hack should be online. DWORD is useless, I have not much experience with GameGuardian. So, hope anyone can reply to this topic with a solution for this issue, again thanks!
  9. Ahana7

    Online game hack

    Can anyone help me toh hack a online game
  10. Was good peeps I need some people we can put our brain together ik we can figure out something To get the 50000000 just do 1000;1000 dword value and anonymous then from there yall could see what happens if I find anything useful I edit the post ty in advance morg.mp4
  11. Sorry about the post earlier Enyby. So i need help with the code, i saw someone made a script look like Console Script Example: /gun on or /gun off I want this code can someone show me the template of it?
  12. Frobots

    Help me

    (translated with google) I need to change the damage and make it do much more damage, how can I do it? (Mod menu)
  13. hello everyone can someone help me hack Level in the game? I mean, for example, from level 101 to jump to level 250. can anyone do it and explain to me? game link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.grynaplus.sliceltup
  14. Trying to hack ingame coins in infinitode 2, but ran into a hiccup and need help. (I'm still new to GG, to bear with me.) I end up with 3 values of different types, all following the ingame coin count. But as soon as I change something, everything goes haywire. I saw in a separate post, the values are protected by fastRandom which requires a different value's change for verification. Since GG isn't a debugger, I can't find this check value. I tried using CheatEngine outside my emulator, but nothing lines up... Can anyone lead me in the right direction?
  15. Ayo fellers, im here to introduce you Hackers, a game on playstore. Scripts are so god d*** hard to found because of the name of this game so if you have found one or created one, post it here ! link to the game : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tricksterarts.hackers&hl=fr&gl=US So then, See ya
  16. Hey everyone I was just wondering how to group search in XOR Or if its even possible if you know a way please do share it would be much appreciated and thanks.
  17. Hello guys (◔‿◔) I am bit confused with something so look at this and if you can help me. 0x7585CF7008 -- its an address that contain value 507,196,847,712Q or (761749B660 in hex) i want to create a script that take the value 761749B660 (hex value) and use it in next step as address (goto adress function). thanks in advance (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
  18. I keep adjusting values but they keep reverting back after you buy something that exceeds the amount and crashes the game. I am honestly at my wits end I can't seem to find any solution. I usually keep messing about for few hours and something randomly works but not in this case. I have tried following the instructions of previous threads with this issue but It doesn't seem there have been any thread or guide that solved this issue definitively . Thread 1: Edited values revert back to original | Portable Dungeon II Issue wasn't resolved but a comment by a user called Enby hinted on using xor might be useful to resolve, I had no luck in that regard though. others issues don't seem to be related, since the byte/float thing they were discussing doesn't appear when I "Goto" address. (Again I might be mistaken) Thread 2: Values reverting back to it's original - Rescue wings This one seems to have worked for everyone, but the picture is no longer available so no way to see how they solved the reverting values. Thread 3: Values Reverts to Original Completely unresolved as well, just says to freeze the values, which doesn't solve the issue at all. I tried it multiple times below image attached to show the changed values, all values keep reverting GOLD,GEMS AND ITEMS. Is there any guide/tutorial I can follow that can help with at least learning about what even causes the values to revert back that will be helpful. It looks like many people (noobies like myself) have some trouble with the reverting values. I don't even know the correct term to use honestly.
  19. Dish

    Help - wall hack value

    I need a Wall Hack. I am trying to find it. And try to study some techniques on YouTube, and then, to make a wall hack, you need to find out the body color first. Or other common values But I still can't find the color value, but what I found is the shadow value, the shadow value is 0.5, memory Ca when I edit it to other values. Shadows have an effect on me, allies, enemies, which I feel like the Wall Hack value should be near. But how do I find it? (I am a new user) Please advise.
  20. I made a flight script for sky, plus the truth and that I wanted to learn more about commands in the GG or more about scripts, I find little content about it and the ones I find are at a level much higher than I know. I would really love to learn more about scripts and the GG itself, if you can help me I would be happy!☺☺ At the moment I'm learning Javascript.
  21. I followed step by step But same problem
  22. Can anyone hack this game i tried but every time I actually change the value I know the game value changes but the game crashes Can some try and see if u have luck
  23. Does anyone know how to fix minecraft's load time in parallel space? It gets stuck in the loading screen before the main menu and never loads despite looking like it is. I own the app from the playstore and if I remove license verification with LP it loads parallel space but gives me a license error. Please help me if you know I'd love to use gg scripts with MC
  24. Hello everyone, I am a little bit embarassed about myself, I was modifying the game values, giving myself cars, currencies and it was going well until I noticed this. (see images) These two vehicles are messed up, can anyone give me a fix?
  25. Hi everyone that reads this forum so i was finding values in a game amd everything went so far off to searching addresses and The rest of the script but when i execute a button i get a problem. Must call gg.getResults( ) before gg.editAll( ) I did that in the screenshot below but idk whats going on with it. Is there a problem with it? //Basically what i did was search the weapon then goto the address and saw some Boolean floats that are zero but if edited to one then gives you a gun or infinite ammo, coded the script and wrote everything but got the error must call gg get results before editing
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