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Found 63 results

  1. Pittieloveer


    Okay well I messed around with my game csr2 I got I don't know the couple million dollars a few thousand gold a couple thousand keys but I tried to change something else and I kind of froze my gold now everytime I get gold I don't get it it's froze like it's frozen at zero I play on an Android device it's rooted with Ruto King so yeah if anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it thank you in advance
  2. i need help wo can't play “天天酷跑" ,,,My phone 's system is cm13 and my phone is Xiaomi4C
  3. ankit007

    Candy Crush Saga Lua Script

    Hello Every one can anyone create a lua script for editing score in candy crush saga and also the moves after the latest update i can edit the score
  4. As the title says, when I try to buy something, I hit the buy button, the window comes up for me to pay and it does say the credit card for Freedom. Then I hit buy again. It then proceeds to say Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped. I hit ok and the window for me to buy isn't there anymore. When i hit the button in the game to buy again, nothing happens. But if I close the game, and open it again in Freedom and hit the buy button for the same item, it says, Your purchase has been restored. Someone help me. My first post so don't ban me if i broke a rule or something. Sorry bout that I have a Samsung Galaxy Avant, rooted of course, and freedom version 1.05 i believe. Thanks in advance
  5. Qusdrok

    game exiled kingdom

    how to hack game exiled kingdom ??? it's hack easier but if you change places then it's reset all, please and thank you so much https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.fdgames.ek.android&hl=vi
  6. Xemulator

    Finding encrypted values to change

    Hi all! Although im new to this forum, i'm using Cheat Engine and GG for some years now, but nothing extraordenary. My problem: So there's this game Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, latest version, and i can't get to modify the Cash ammount. My theory is, that it has been encrypted, so its much harder to tamper with. Also there's a fraud protection on in-game purchases, so no use of Lucky Patcher. What i have tried: Using exact ammounts to search, i'm able to find the ammount of money, but i cant edit it: it always sets back to the original ammount, no use of Freezing either, so its either just a display ammount, or there's another value hidden wich is used to verification. Using fuzzy search with exact differences between each search im able to find something, but i dont know what to do with it. Its a "random" number, doesn't resemble the ammount of cash displayed. I'm pretty sure there's something i could do with that, but im not deep enough into this. Another method i tried is to find where the ammount of cash that i can pick up from peds (always 5$) stored, then multiply it as some GTA V hacks do that, so the ammount of money gets written into the database legitimately, but there are so many results, that i cant find it. Also tried it with negative store purchases, but i cant pinpoint them either. At this point im stuck. I'm pretty sure there's a method for it, but i just dont know how to find the memory addresses. Yes, i saw the video with earlier version, but that method doesnt work since it has been updated for in-game purchases. Please give me some help, or answers to the points above, anything would be appriciated! Thanks! MIUI, Android 8.1.0, Rooted, Lucky Patcher system mods applied.
  7. Avenged02

    Time jump does not work

    When I use time jump, it doesn't work for any of my apps. When I look at the list of timers, they are all red and none of them are green. Thanks
  8. Nextinction

    BBTan hack/cheat need help

    I need help on how to use GameGuardian to cheat on tis game or aybe another hack help me please game is: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.crater.bbtan I already tried just typing the values but it doesn't find them Please help me
  9. how to cheat game in link ??? I tried but it easier band, so I ask guys how to cheat not band ??? please and thank you so much https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.entropy.dragonslayer_new_paid&hl=vi
  10. Can any one help confirm whether the damage mod still works for this game? If so is there an update version available for download or are you able to mod the damage yourself in game with GG? Any other hacks, mods, hints, cheats, tips for this game?
  11. Hey Every1, Testing aim bot in pubg mobile and got ban , hehehe no issue, but how to login again as in guest account and play , it gives ban message HELP!! . i have rooted android ver 8.1.0 Please suggest solutions..
  12. So I've been anxious to play around with some scripts on a guest account for PUBG and I've watched countless tutorials on how to do so but I always get the error "Operation not permitted" without root and "game is protected" with a root. (THis occurs when trying to select a cheat after executing order 66 the .lua file. If anyone can guide me to a possible solution then HMU with details.