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    Asphalt 8 - Credit

    Thx for reply. Yeah sorry, my bad, ofc with ";" and not ":" However it seems not to find a value which was available before the update.
  2. ChkDsk

    Asphalt 8 - Credit

    Hi, can anyone tell me how to hack credit in Asphalt 8 after last update (5.0)? The usual sequence of numbers used in 1st race of career season 1 (215:180:155....) is not more working, I guess due to changing in credit base run, map and so on. Can anyone know a correct new sequence to get it? Thx in advance.
  3. after last update max upgrades are possible only online. How is going to change if I need to max a car now? Is it safe doing them online or now is impossible like for pro upgrades?
  4. Can anyone confirm code id of new BMW i8 is 248 pls?
  5. Hi guys, any news about Sagaris SE id?
  6. The trick works :-). About S upgrds in mastery, ok it would be a great thing but as I told you no more mastery awards to claim. Only in car collections which I cannot track. But I solved with previous trick and seems stable. Thx again.
  7. Ok thx, I will rather try this trick next. Unfortunately I already used all S upgrds in mastery time ago, and I have some of them ready to be claimed in only 2 mastery collections, already completed. But Idk their specific ID or how to track out them in a precise way. I will stay tuned for further info or if I get new ones.
  8. I know about max section respect to pro one, but when there are tokens upgrades they get back to previous config when I restart A8. I had this problem even with Murciélago. So I thought to claim some S free upgrades from car collections even if idk yet how to modify them when claiming since it gives too many results.
  9. Hi guys, is there a possibility to increase free upgrades still to be claimed from car collections, since tokens upgrades are not avoidable in max section?
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