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  1. Do i habe to re download the undetect for this update
  2. Understandable its prolly gonna be hard. I can manipulate my gem and stamina amounts outside of games but it wont let me use the gems and after the stamina returns to its normal number when u enter a stage. Im sure its because the game has to register it throuh lvl completion
  3. Great script needs unlimited gems and or stamina hack please keep it up
  4. That would be awesome also another alternative could be posting a few photos of the steps. It's not necessarily just for me as I'm sure I could manually alter the values of resources and packs. I think back to days where I was less knowledgeable of ggs functions and relied heavily on lua scripts. It would go along way towards helping newer users achieve success with your script. On another note do u happen to know why the script crashes after the first 100% load of step 1 or any other options? Your help and support would be tremendous. Thank you again turbosjoker
  5. Totally understandable thank you for a reply. Maybe could you make a list of instructions, also what version of gg do u need cause I'm using the one before the current latest version
  6. You can clearly see in the edit I checked YouTube and listed his videos non of which were tutorials, and you have to get something to appreciate it. As far as I can tell the scripts broken as *****. Every option crashes script so what's to Appriciate? If you just want to get pissy because I insulted the ***** you have lodged in your butt then that is your prerogative. Still doesn't make his script any less broken as ***** or you any less of a c**** gobbling homo. Thanks for making it plain you cannot read. P.s I find it funny that I can find tutorials for other games fine but his magically gets removed. Just like how the last time it was updated it had the same description and the same busted YouTube links. I check this forum multiple times daily to see what's new/updated why don't you hop on the (let's try to get people to pay for my busted scripts) bandwagon you tool
  7. Fix your YouTube link. I'm not spending any time searching YouTube for a tutorial on how to use this script.. links should be provided and actually work Edit: checked your channel and you d0nt even have a d*** tutorial video posted. It clearly says watch tut before using to avoid ban.. what the ***** are you playing at..
  8. Hey just wondering if anyone could make/ refer me to a working script for Sas zombie assault 4 please.
  9. If you are not interested in doing scripts anymore just delete it. Don't whine because people ask coders to update their scripts. If it's too tedious you weren't cut out for this kinda stuff. As far as anyone trying to make money from this. LMMFAO unless you can garuntee that your scripts wont result in account bans I doubt that will ever happen. On the bright side though, I laughed My are off reading your description. *sad face*
  10. Script worked first time but when i tried to do it the second time, it went through all the actions said it was successfully but didn't change the acievments again, thanks for the script either way a couple hundred mill once is better then not at all
  11. JSleezy


    Hey 70.2 wont re install with a different name. I get a huge string of javaarray errors. I dont know whats up with it. I assume mh phones not compatible. I use a samsung j16
  12. Hey. Ive tried your latest version and it doesn't work for version 1.3.22. Please could u update it thanks
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