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  1. 12 hours ago, NoFear said:

    I ever if non modded apk works. Can you confirm an older apk from apkpure loads?

    try and stuck with original apk 1.8. download only  apk no obb in apkpure

  2. 18 minutes ago, NoFear said:

    Working on trying to create a mod instead of gg edit. Since most can't bypass protection

    Cool, ok, thanks,try some mods old version and stuck in loading

  3. 1 hour ago, NoFear said:


    The bypass protection is luck of the draw for me. 

    Danilo, if you want me to try your save, file I think is located in non root location.


    Do not post it here, send me pm.

    Thanks for the tips friend, try here

  4. thanks for keep this great work. This is bealtiful and very useful, but version 8.29.0 in the cancel and install menu only I can click cancel, install no (click and nothing), xperia z5 premium android 7.1.1

  5. Thanks for always updating this fantastic app, love this, keep this great work .. one question please, how do i search two items on one screen. Example ninja arashi game, I have 2000 gold and 50 gem  2000; 50  or 2000 : 50?. I was looking at tutorial in search group items. i try too super cat bros

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