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  1. Hello, i recently have Oreo but now my GG says: inpossible to change memory throught Ptrace. Some function as Speedhack and everything about it will not work. I can load scripts but they wont effectively work. how can i sole this without a firmware downgrade?? @Enyby
  2. Thanks for the script Mello ? works very good , ty so much bro! do you have telegram?
  3. Brother what to say, you are the best ? love the new script , thank u so much bro
  4. xxxhentaixxx ur just as gameinsight, greedy and arrogant, we dont need you in this community. you made change idea even to saiaapiz from free script to pay script. i can be agree with you that abusing free hacks ruin the game and bring patches, but at least you could simply explain it, and not say on your description: "pay or leave,dont waste my time, i know you are not poor to play this game" etc. your arrogance has suffered the karma effect. and when you say adult people can pay so much that you got 3k euro, well, i prefer to spend IN GAME, cuz at least is all about PAY TO PLAY at this point. nobody cry here for your vip scripts, we just dont give a f*k about you, u just keep reply to people, to accuse of copies, well do not share your files if u didnt mean to get copied ! Cry baby cry, ***** PAY2WIN, FREE HACKS WILL ALWAYS FIND A WAY i hope someone buy your hacks and share it again with all, that will be nice!! haha
  5. guys chambs works 4 me. remeber to activate em when you are IN BATTLE and wait some seconds. first time not worked good but reactivating 2-3 times IN GAME will work in future (event maps to, chambs 2).
  6. hentai and saiaapiz are not going to make free script anymore. only give it for who pay.
  7. we hope in you great saiaapiz ? update it if possible
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