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  1. As of April 5,2018 version now detects freedom (security error: code 2) and game guardian (security error: code 2 unknown). editing data packets sent to the server seems to the only thing working but i wont waste my time on this game. you are not even playing it....
  2. I don't think this works on the latest version... currently there are 3 app process that is BuriedTown BuriedTown L BuriedTown push blah blah BuriiedTown DaemonServer Only BuriedTown L Produces anything. But when I did the procedure same as the video.. It produces about 8 - 11 addresses for the first part then I do the unknown search again then... results with about the same about 11 - 15 Truthfully if I can't hack this game this game has no value. The game is made to garner gazillions of in app purchase if you really want to finish this. I tried playing this game for about 10 tries. I survived for about 5-10 days max. The rng engine of this game is broken. No matter what time you go out there are times when no zombies on the way to the mall then 90% of the time.. going to your home is a pain. 3 - 5 semi permanent encounters. what the hell. If you can show me again thru a newer version that you can do this. I will not give up just yet. This game is like Day R survival. Its a In app trap game. for those want to have almost the same experience without the ***** game. try zombie live. that game is ok. better random events/.
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