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  1. just donate him in script menu ?
  2. All is good. Congratulations with new Holidays Pack, that are available! They don't crash your game
  3. Any crashes for me yet. W8 for lighting round (where that f*cking rounds) to check all script
  4. Duplicating doesnt work Upd: u need to run unlocking packs in the store before coming to duplicates tab!!
  5. Me too, meizu m5 note. But i thinks, it is because of no lighting round yet. Wait, when lighting round start, then use script
  6. Game is unstable, when i unlock packs. It can be lagged and then crashed
  7. It doesnt work well. Meizu m5 note. Used last version of game and script. Only holiday and new years packs. When i open these packs - the game often breaks. No special packs, no silver packs.
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