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    if u guys use these, def. will get reported. and there u go, u get a BANana.
    why dont u update this? or you're waiting for next door? Instead you updated the one which will get people banned. You are a low life, you dont care lol you just care for content like subscription and share? shame on you!!
    Never provide people with something that will get banned! Division hack is totally bust!! There is a lot of proof that people were getting banned because of this, and you still provide them without proper research? I dont mean to be rude, but you are total @H0L3 F*GG*T!! You just whistleblown yourself LOL Don't believe me? Go on ????
  1. i feel you buddy, we all have the same issue here.
  2. @BadCase crashed after running the store script. others work just fine as before. _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later omegaluls me too. i got banned. i make new acc and get some decent player early such as zidane from the free packs.
  3. @BadCase script is not working atm *after update*.
    If you dont want to get banned then do not: 1. Don't use draft and versus, it triggers something. 2. Don't abuse open packs for getting money. 3. Don't duplicate SBC card like 96Zidane (single only card) 4. Complete SBC Honestly, idk what got me banned but im pretty sure it is from what i mentioned above. Advice, if you want to play this game for a long time then i suggest you guys to make 2 accs. one is for using scripts to get the cards and money you that want and move it to your second acc with nearby search. I have 200 more card to complete it and they ban me after new update. @BadCase Unlimited my packs at store will be cool, can you do that? Overall this script is 5/5☆ Good Luck guys!!
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