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  1. Wow thanks for the help, it worked fabulously. I'd never thought that i could change the price and gain profit. Small question, why it must 32;122::99? What it does? Anyway, thanks a lot.
  2. Can I request for Star Nomad 2? Only for the money. You can teach me how to. I've tried to find the value and can only find the encrypted value (in Dword, Word, Qword, and Xor) but it can't be edited. It will always revert back. Any ideas? I think it is not server side since it's an offline game.
  3. Since i can play it without any data, i guess it is offline. Yea i think so too. That's why i used auto on the second search. Hoping i could find the real encrypted value, resulting in 5 different type values (1 dword, word, Qword, and 2 Xword). Tried to change them but failed miserably. Can you help? I kinda love this kind of game. Thanks for the reply
  4. Hey, I'm new to this. I've been trying to change the money value in Star Nomad 2. At first I'm using the normal search but couldn't find anything, so I used the encrypted value in Dword, found one but couldn't change it at all. Everytime i tried to change it, it just reverted back. I've tried to freeze it but nothing, the value in gameguardian did freeze, but the money ingame doesn't change at all. I thought it was a visual value, i tried to find the real value in auto. Found 5 (Dword, Word, Qword and Xword) but still can't change them at all. Any help? Thanks in advance.
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