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    Ryoo1 +5 All features working well but i got banned only play for two matches. If ya get banned go to setting in your phone then storage then apps.Go to parallel space and clear cache to be unbanned.Good job btw Zig on the menu everything works well
  1. View File Wonder Park lua script All credits go to Enyby and its a gold and diamond hack Submitter Npctrolls Submitted 03/13/19 Category LUA scripts
  2. Version 1.0.0


    All credits go to Enyby and its a gold and diamond hack
    Walk speed 200 + Infinite jump makes for some entertaining ways to escape/die
  3. I need a bit of assistance with a a copy for Sim City Build It.t = gg.choice ({'1. Level hack','2. Coinhack'},ni, 'Level hack') is what I have so far and can't figure out how to make it to where A search for multiple values and b the value is different every time.
  4. Npctrolls

    GG Chatroom

    Better off to do binding sockets to irc
  5. Npctrolls

    GG Chatroom

    Nevermind I see the issue
  6. Npctrolls

    GG Chatroom

    I'm stuck in this infinite loop any suggestions
  7. It wasn't the platinum keys however I did find a way to search for number of ? s.I used Auto then used the ship to gain more keys.Then put it in game guardian just can't narrow it down to a specific type of data to change.
    Its perfect I just don't know what to do with all the Sim coins and cash
  8. Is there any way to bypass the "Your account has been blocked for 1hr"?
    I can't seem to get no clip working for some reason script will load.It's just nothing seems to happen.
  9. This looks like it has potential for something like an aimbot.
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