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  1. On 11/17/2019 at 6:08 AM, Groovy said:

    Game is Pewdiepie Pixelings

    I tried hacking anything from coin/bux to infinite mana but no luck.

    Only manage to change value but it is just visual and does not actually change the amount.

    Any tips as I am not such a pro at modding.


    I think you will not be able to hack this one, it is "connect to Play" game wich means it is server sided game not local one so, you cant change anything inside. I know you post this in 2019 but i did not saw it till now 🙂

  2. it's offline/online game not server sided that im trying to Hack for last 5-6 days and i found out how to hack Coins in, but im constantly trying to find the way to hack the Gems ingame, it seems game stores Save data somewhere in (in My case Bluestacks) Bluestacks storage so should be easly edited somehow, but GG cant find current Gem Count, and seems that you can like spend some and refine but when it gets to 100 results, you cant anymore. If any1 can give it a try, some1 experienced with GG to try and hack the Gems inside...oh idk what will i do. Right now im trying, but seems i dont know allot about GG so please some1 give it a try and Hack the Gems in game, COins are easly hackable.

  3. No1 Still that can give it a try ? I was trying with Different Numbers like lets say i got 50 gems so i looked for 5.0 , 0.5,0.50, 50.0, 500, also i try to use "encrypted" but still nothing. HOpe that soon some1 will give it a try and manage to Hack Gems. 

  4. Ok so this is Offline(not server sided) game that im trying to hack using GG for at least 4 days....i found out how i can hack Coins by accidant and i hacked it and everything good. But i cant find out how to hack Gems what ever i try it just does not work...i also try to disable internet and try to hack it that way with every possible search but i simply cant find the way to hack gems, I figure out that you cant change nothing in game if it's static number, like lets say you have 500 Coins and 50 Gems you cant scan for it at all if yo uspend some and rescan, no .... the way i found out that coins are hackable it's while fighting, And just Search for Number that is shown on the screen after every kill. But i cant find how to do t for gems too...It's god d*** offline game, If some1 got an idea how to do it please help me. 

  5. Like i hacked everything in the game using Game GUardian but for this version of the game and this version of the game guardian it seems that it does not work anymore....Can not find the way to hack XP...i got it onec on the animal missions i get 240k xp from one mission but i can not do it again...i have done some confusing steppes and somehow i changed xp to 240k then game crashed and after i restarted the game, the mission gave me 240k xp but not anymore....i have try all possible ways to hack XP but nothing ....im lvl 31 for now gonna try more but for now i lost 4 hours of trying to hack XP in this game...>If u know how to do it please help us ty again.

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