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  1. I tried fuzzy search it comes up with millions of values and it's hard to find the right one. For range value its even harder too many results to test most times crash the game. I was looking for a logic solution with fuzzy search, that will be fast and direct to the required value. But I don't know what should I change before try refine results. Will keep searching in my free time and hope to find a way. My interest is not PUBG Wallhack but the method used to find such values for any any app
  2. Thank you for your answer I already have tried that and its really sucks too many crashes its waste of time. But I will give it another try. What I was really interested in is how to find the value 2? I want to learn how to find this value (2) for wallhack I don't want to use it with understand how we get it And maybe for Exynos its 3 or 4 or anything else it doesn't have to be 2, am I right?
  3. White and Black colors were working till version 8.5 while all other colors not working at all Wallhack works for all other devices (VIVO, KIRIN, MEDIATEK and some other devices) I don't think its impossible to make it work for Exynos and if it will not work it's okay I just want to know what I should look for? How to find the required values for wallhack or color on any device So my important point is to learn how to find what values control player color and wallhack Thanks
  4. Hello I working on a script for PUBG Mobile Include change player color and wallhack I found many values on the net but I don't know how they get it, and for some devices it's not working (include my device [Exynos]), so I want to know how to find color and wallhack values I tried few things but still didn't get it yet.. thank you
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