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  1. I think it's server sided that's why it doesn't work.
  2. How to find hidden anticheat? I already tried to change the units killed that didn't work.
  3. because there will be quite trouble for them if they removed this method. But try to find another method i was only hacking to get to the top of leaderboard even if it means getting banned
  4. this works fine but its score is not send to the server and teir is not increasing. if you find to solution to this problem please contact me on personal message.
  5. someone attacked my clan mate. he has only 20 lvl soldiers and he defeated 5 70 lvl soldiers with ease. He must be hacking somehow but i dont know how. if that person is using gameguardian and see this message then please reply. his game name was simon from the clan beasts.
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