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  1. Sayan45

    Parallel Accounts

    How can i get the optimised version ?
  2. Should i download from the play store or there's any other kind modded apk of virtual xposed ?
  3. Can i use the parallel or some other virtual space apps from play store !?
  4. But still now it's crashing everytime i try to open it..... Bypass working on the new script... But game is crashing.....
  5. I'm having the same problem... Just started the pubgm without gg... But it still getting crashed...
  6. I'm having the same problem with the pubgm in parallel space getting crash and returns to the main page of parallel space pro mod ....
  7. pubg mod 0.8.0 crashing every time i try to open from parallal space pro mod... I have the latest gg hack... It's working properly ... But the game is crashing when it completes the loading leave alone the bypass and others....
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