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  1. I noticed that gg freeze the game INSTEAD of ptrace error.

    Enyby you can use xposed to spoof your device brand of nox.then it will work.

    There are other gameprocesses what scan fora working mainactivity.

    But no matter. The question is: why it work with gg if you do a simple search 1-7 seconds after you start the game? The game start the first seconds without ptrace protection. Exactly at the time where the two videos with Developer logos play. If you are fast enough with choosing the game process and you do a search with gg, then you can make with gg whatever you want....for hours. 

    If this work on other protected games too, you have the big solution to bypass ptrace without much work.


    The main Problem is to be fast enough to find the right game process between all the others running processes because its not one the first place of List like months ago

  2. 1 hour ago, Enyby said:

    @Qyrie What to use? This video simply shows that GG automatically disables PUBG protection for any search.

    This freeze the game enyby. You need  to do any search with gg as fast as possible after you started the game, before ptrace is started by game.


    Can you Login after removing ptrace protection?


    Also the anticheat flag that. They did not banned any cheater yet to finetune their anticheat.

    The protection has a heartbeatcheck, if you disable it after it started game send a alarm to the server. I logged the Networkpackages to see that.

    Btw: the game works with gg but you must be fast after gamestart. Its annoying again that the active gameprocess isnt at the first place at tasklist. Sometimes i need need to restart the game 4-7 times because i loose to mich time with searching the pubg process between hundred of other processes.

    Why did you changed the order of tasks? It was perfect a while ago






  3. Oh, i didnt knew that dyno also has coding skillz. 2 coders for one app. I will never understand why you guys dont start a business with your knowledge :)


    Look at this guy who has sold his flappy bird app. Millions of dollars he got...


    Otherwise its nice to see there are guys who made their work and support complete for free. 



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