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  1. going to get my old phone rooted straight away... thx
  2. thanks fear, rooted phone? because mine is not... i used that second program to cheat root, but i thint this is what case trouble ....i wish to get to your amounts, ill be happy with 150k actually... im not sucessfull so far
  3. first think was i tried to play it on Android emulator on PC and change sums with Cheat engine, but it didn't work... - i tried wood water cloths etc but no luck.... anyone successful after update?
  4. Hello my fellow survivors, im playing Day r for some time, i get it to black volga car... -and i want bellaz! is there any save or edited game with ok car and plenty of fuel??? or i dont mid to have bycicle with speed 120mph and load of 100t. is possible to hack and change game stats like this and save it on beggining of game? so i can enjoy it my way? im humble ill be happy for bellaz on beggining as well. my phone is samsung8 no root. and newest version of game.7/9/2018 THANKS !
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