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  1. 512×512. You can catch me up when You aren't too busy!
  2. Some games have encrypted value, try Fuzzy search or Click the "Value is encrypted". So you can search the real value. The health value must be for a "visual" only.
  3. UPDATE: - FIXED BUG - NEW INTERFACE - VERSION IS 2.0 DOWNLOAD IT HERE. ?Clickz0ne_Project.apk? That's It, Have fun!
  4. Read the word "you can download it " there's GGTM.APK link up there
  5. I promised it to be released at 25/10. Since this app is a masterpiece, I can upload it now. With GGTM, you can make your own lua trainer! This app is really simple. Requirements:- - Es File explorer(or any notepad) - Gameguardian It will generate lua code after you are done. I can't make save mode since its BETA. Aslo, it only have simple features. Please report for the bug. You can download it GGTM.apk. Logo: Screenshots: ? ENJOY ?
  6. Its Record Script. If Enyby makes an update that support outside intent, Standalone Trainer App maker will be possible. Because I need a code that used to access gameguardian using intent. Eg:- gg://loadscript="A script from your trainer will be added" or we use the inside trainer menu. If you choose a hack, and it will send the code to gameguardian without opening it.(Cuz it works in background) Hope you understand. Hope Enyby did it. Thanks
  7. GameGuardian Trainer Maker BETA is about to be released! I wanted to say that my app is about to be released. With simple features! I will release the full version later. No ads! No payment for BETA. The condition is simple:- You need to become the BETA tester and give me feedback! I am going to upload it 25/10/2018(Singapore time) Give 'em the big hit! ? This is going to be it's ICON You can try to show me a new beautiful icon for this app. Screenshots: I know its too simple. The full version features will become better with beautiful UI!
  8. Game Guardian Trainer Maker App. I am making gameguardian trainer maker app. But my PC is laggy when I want to compile or while coding. If anybody wants to support me, please anything that could help. I am just a 13 years old kid without any money. Parents says thats Impossible for a young like me. I made a simple website about my app. If I am done, I will submit the app as best as possible. I will upload Beta first. If it gives the best hits, I will upload full version for free. And thanks to Enyby for giving me the lua documentation link. It is really helpful for me. beta.rar
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