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  1. I figured out how to bypass their GG detection PM me for details not just sharing with leeches I like people who contribute to the forum
  2. LO-Rolex


    Hi -- standoff 2 detects GG installed. It won't let you play unless you uninstall GG. Update Sunday worked until this afternoon. Please advise. Thanks
  3. The line is way too faint and doesnt help / really show where the ball is going to go for any shots beyond low strength put, which you dont even need anyways. Make the line longer and bright yellow or something with a black dot at the end so you can see where the ball will actually land...
  4. How do we bypass GG detection at game launch? Stand off 2 and game guardian not agreeing anymore even with all 4 levels of hide from game enabled
  5. this was working great -- Magic bullet lets you shoot through walls (you have to enable every match) Black sky works great Anti recoil is whats up ? The aimbot isnt an aimbot, its more shoot at a wall and just get headshots. Would be better if it tracked shootable targets / helped you lock on chest or something so its not so obvious headshotting through walls across the whole map. Now it is saying SO2 is detecting GG installed -- tried deleting game cache -- i am on most recent version of GG Tried installing GG after game launch still no dice.
  6. Does this work? Trying in a few hours. DT 1.4 is what I am currently using and really happy with it. Will see how good this one is.
    This is the best that I have found for PUBG -- pretty quick, reliable menu injections and just have to re-do char red / wallhack every round but it works perfect on my Galaxy Tab 2 rooted. Unless anyone can convince me otherwise, this is the best / cleanest
  7. Hey all -- as of writing this 8/30/18 on 0.7-5 PUBG Version -- I have tried a bunch of different LUA scripts and this one is sure fire, unless anyone can convince me of a better one.
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