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  1. Working on uploading a new video to a new site. Will link soon!
  2. I'm working on making a video for that but for now here is a video I made for Event Hacking I will make one for friendships, House Points, and more later I'm working on figuring out how to hack the stars while in class I'm pretty close to figuring it out. But anyways if you want to know how to hack events here you go.
  3. I don't know how to do it while in class but if you try after you earn stars for class just search 0 Dword before you go into class then if you earned 2 stars at the end of the class Refine by 2 go into class one more time I suggest 3 stars this time you would finish off with 3 stars from that class then Refine by 5 and usually only 1-2 should come up and you gotta on both and it should have the Amount of Stars then 0D then a Large number sometimes Dword or XOR like -1223344556 and 0D again and lastly the large number Dword or XOR that you want to change into the max Stars required so like if 9 max Stars are required you would change it to 9D instead of #D and the 2nd large number to 9X8D Below are some screenshots of how to do it. It won't narrow down every time sometimes it will be at like 65 found just travel around and keep refining until you get as little as possible so it's easier to find it. I messed up my first time at doing this. So don't worry if it does not work the first time.
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