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  1. I tried tonight to see if this still worked. I have used the original method in this thread many times before without any issues, however tonight I noticed I could not change the amount of gold spent to a negative number (example -9999) which in turn made me unable to change the amount of gold I have. I then used GG to find my gold its self, it was easy to find but once I changed it the effects did not last. I would purchase something and it would go right back to my original amount of gold. No big deal with enough power up you don't need a lot of gold. Since entering a negative number for the cost of a power up resulted in it going to the purchase screen, I inserted 1 as my power up cost and I changed the amount of powerups to 50. YOU WILL NOT SEE 50 when you change this BUT IT DOES GIVE YOU THE AMOUNT OF POWER UPS YOU CHOSE. So instead of putting in a negative number replace it with 1. So 50 disco balls cost me 1 gold bar, 50 bombs cost 1 gold bar, 50 anvils cost 1 gold bars etc. Hope this helps
  2. Wrote these down while I was maxing books, food, and Magizoology up: porluck level II ~ bond time 12hrs ~feed time 4hrs fairy level I ~ bond time 12hrs ~ feed time 5hrs bowtruckle level I ~ bond time 12hrs ~ feed time 6hrs 4hrs ~ 14400 seconds 5hrs ~ 1800 seconds 6hrs ~ 21600 seconds 12hrs ~ 43200 seconds
  3. Has anyone found a away to get these books?
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