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  1. @NoFear any chance you've been looking at Raid shadow legends ?
  2. Yeh no success. But I've only been trying with energy and silver. I'm also gonna see if luckypatcher will work.
  3. Have you tried with energy?
  4. I managed to narrow it down to 14 values using a search for an encrypted value. But none matched the in game value. I altered each, one after the other. I didnt replace, used the "do not replace, add to" option. No change to the in game value though.
  5. What process are you using? Just searching for a known value? Also, how are you doing it in game to reduce or increase gems? Buying stuff, collecting rewards?
  6. Every time I've tried to get a gem value, I probably get one "refine" search done and then next search I get zero results. I'm not sure what the next step is there.
  7. So I managed to successfully increase my common shards. Im sure I could do it for the other ones, however I dont have enough of them to be able to search enough to narrow down the values. Searching for values of 1 or 0 gives too many results to modify them in a fashion that would allow me to figure out which one is for the shard I'm trying to increase. I'll have to build up my gems and buy a larger pack of blue shards, I guess.
  8. Have you successfully modified that value to increase your common shards? Even finding the energy value would be great. I’ve been trying but, admittedly, I am not very familiar with gameguardian do am not even sure I’m doing it right.
  9. I've been trying. But I'm not even sure if it's client side. I haven't successfully even found a value that matches my gem count.
  10. Works for me....though I’m on iOS so not using gameguardian. The best method is to narrow down the gem values (which is more successful if you “increase” your current gems by collecting a reward or something) to as few as possible. I usually get it down to three or four before changing the value. Then I open a daily titan reward or relic token (something that doesn’t cost gems) and when it reloads the gems have changed. Ive found the other methods suggested by people on here to be very unreliable. This method works 100% of the time for me. It just depends on having a relic token or free daily pull available. That said, ive been banned on every account I’ve hacked gems on. I am still trying to find a method that flies under the radar, but allows me to do what I want....which is, basically, do the events. ?
  11. Mattryx

    Dawn of Titans

    Just wondering if anyone is currently “successfully” hacking dawn of titans, and in what manner. I have successfully edited gem values, but have found myself banned after a fairly short period. I’m trying to play around with other hack methods that may be a little less “detectable”. Would love to hear people’s experience and methods.
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