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  1. Hahah . no . main values are in bellow than 1 . search 0.01 ,0.02,0.44 and like this . Be gratefull and dont be ungrateful . tell thanks . i waste my few minutes for answer hah. Next time i won't . . . It is beggining method . i hope u will ever teach different methods but i amnot going to help u again.
  2. If u need any script for dec , send here , if not then u need to teach it with urself
  3. What do you mean in "inject"
  4. Why u need to change ? Just search ur values in Ca . This memory range is always changing so u cannot catch some values in some games . It is happening very rarely but . . .
  5. How ? Its easy . Ok , I will explain you. Go in search , set float type and start search . example search 0.1 and change into 5000 . if something will change , it means you found new hack , if not carry on trying. Search 0.1, 0.2, 1.6, 105, 50000 or anything . also u can change regions . Most usable and easy for starting is "A: Anonymous" . also u can select Region Xa and etc . It is easiest method for beggining . if you didnot anything ask me .
  6. It is because this speed hack using game gurdian , it speed up everything in game . example : Timer , reload speed , player speed and etc . Online Games get destroy after it because this speed hack tries to speed up server so game is breaking and u will get disconnect . for it u need to find values for speed hack . Start search in region anonymous float values.
  7. local configFile = gg.EXT_CACHE_DIR .. "/" .. gg.getFile():match("[^/]+$") .. ".cfg" local data = loadfile(configFile) if data ~= nil then data = data() end local input = gg.prompt({'Please input something .'},data, {"number"}) -- type here number or text , which you want gg.saveVariable(input, configFile)
  8. Color and hacks which arenot in my scipt nothing work . All hack that is working it is my ! Look my channel i have it here . look old videos . he have copied
  9. I didnot understand exactly what he need but i think MR @CheatTester need this codes : local values = gg.getResults(50000) gg.addListItems(values)
  10. Nothing huh . it is impossible . Fot it u need to be real hacker .
  11. U need to hack this game Administrators Gmail, then u need to enter in servers where they are controling this game and finally u can hack ur game
  12. Not i can. I cannot download. Sorry its keyboard error .
  13. What? Websites have new bug . I can download anything what us uploaded by this "Click to choose files" . When I am clicking on it then it tells error .
  14. I told him it and also I sent him compiler in private messages but he didn't understand what was this
  15. Ok . U are begginer so I try to explain easily . Just add this function in the starting of ur script : Password = '1234' PS = gg.prompt({' Input password: '},{[1]=''},{[1]='number'}) if not PS then os.exit() end if PS[1] == Password then gg.toast(' Password correct!') else gg.alert(' Wrong Password ') os.exit() end --write bellow your codes. if pass was true then script will start
  16. Lol . Its bcs main part of script is splited . Where is another part?
  17. Wtf ???? Codes are in Russian language too . Wtf?! если = if
  18. TopGEOYT

    Version replacer

    Ok. It is ur oponion and i can understand it but i dont agree . when u have yt , everyone tries to lost ur scripts and share on their channels
  19. Stop dreaming . Why u think i will never find it ? Ok , how did i found this hacks in gwm . look speed hack example . gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_ANONYMOUS | gg.REGION_OTHER) gg.searchNumber("1028443341D;1036831949D;2.1019477e-44;0;0D", gg.TYPE_FLOAT, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1) Can u tell me how did i find it. It is same of ur example speed hack . U found value , then u press goto and u got addicional values for exactly search next time . I made same variant . And u are telling me that i can never find it . As u know there isnot anyone who have scripts for Gang War Mafia and u cannot tell me that ur hacks is stolen . And who have cteated his gwm scripts all hacks are copied from me . Dont think that only u can it . Dont be proud . [added 2 minutes later] Thx but i dont want . everyone have stoped watching of u , after u started Vloging
  20. Ok . i use only 4 hack from u . speed , wallshot ,slow mot and brightness color. All those codes are changed in script and it is improved . in ur script if values isnot find than its write error bcs of example t[3] value = examle 7 and how can it change if it wont find , so in this script it is fixed
  21. Dear Dragon star , it cooming soon . . . I input all old and new hacks . also here is ur hacks . Tell me one thing : why did u change ur yt name ?
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