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  1. How do you set it to Host only? Edit: Nvm I figured it out but does it work with the real pubg or the chinease version of pubg or only in lite?
  2. What vpn you use and how do you not get banned instantly?
  3. What if you don't get 1st place on the first race will that break the function?. Will it still work if you get 1st on the second or third race? Cause my racing skills are bad like really bad
  4. Ya if you don't have chipset 400 or 425 the wallhack won't work but the other features work for any chipset
  5. The auto headshot does work but the enemy has to be close to you unless you have a scope x8 on or something. In other words you aim for head to enemies that's closest to you. Some other features I found interesting were no grass, wall hacks(need to have chipset/snap dragon 410 or 425) , color hacks. *btw if you're confused about the chipset or snap dragon thingy or don't know what is your snapdragon is use the app CPU-Z from playstore it tells you your chipset*
  6. Thanks m8 how do you do it? Please tell me. And my favorite colors are yellow and green (light or dark green) any. Btw I might be asking to much but do you know how to do item/weapon hack as well for snapdragon 400.
  7. Thanks m8, and I will be waiting for next update
  8. Dude Bukandewa this script you have here is a gem m8 as a snapdragon 400/410 user this is the only script I found that has a perfectly working WALLHACK for snapdragon 400/410 people. I highly recommend/vouch the script to people with snapdragon 410. BUT CAN YOU PLEASE ADD MORE COLORS OTHER THEN (white and black) colors like yellow, red, green, or something please I really expect to see more colors added to the script next update when it comes out. And Best of Luck!
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