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  1. Your script stop working from last 3 days.
  2. Right on time. What is birdview?
  3. Game guardian 76.1 script 1.5 and run it before game loads, it worked for me.
  4. It took 2 days but man you did the job. If it ain't you i quit this p2w game long ago. @punkaZ keep up the good work. Really appreciate your hard work, all free only for us. You earned our Respect.
  5. @punkaZ any update? I knw it's not easy but just wana knw if you're working on it or not.
  6. @punkaZ idk maybe it's game update which cause the script not working anymore. You'll update the perfect aim?
  7. Edit: @punkaZ script works good, thanks.
  8. @punkaZ your script expires, this is the message we recieve. Any update?
  9. @punkaZ its good to see you updating the script, if i can only give you more than 5 stars, i wud definitely.
  10. i subscribed unlocked the file but nothing is working except for what no buddy will ever use. Thanks
  11. That's fair, we end it here and last if you even give it free, there's nothing in it for me to use. Anyway happy sales. Keep it up.
  12. Are you crazy ???? You that blind???? Every comment you come ranting your script bla bla bla and you see me crying..... I hope you are alright. you cheap transexual dumbass did'nt even spell keep you ***** fck you are showing 100 euros, arse ppl like you are not only disgrace to this community but to their country as well. These noob s*** scripts ripping off of other work and trying to show off yours is just bull s***. You can still see the comments to saiaapiz where you moaning for how to find esp dumbass. This s*** script is nothing, always headshot find by saiaapaz, esp find by him and what you find seriously tht s*** color grading known as chambs. wtf does chambs stand for. Nobuddy here is crying, when your s*** script is free never bother to see it because there was saiaapiz script already there, when it get paid i wonder who dumb nuts buying the s*** when there's already better free script available. Now you are the one whos crying not me. Why youre showing this little begging amount for wht you think this s*** script is worthy of buying, you give me your script free and i piss on it, it s*** already, no buddy wants to get ban with those stupid wallshoots noob. We dont want to waste our money on games neither we do on scripts. Yes if its free we love to have it and if its paid, we shut the fckn game. You see everyone here hates you, bcoz of you noob turning ur a** to them like youre some bill gates. I was talking sensible bcoz i dont want your s*** script then not evn now. Im still using punkaz edit of saiaapiz., your script is garbage. Now everyone else was cursing and abusing you, for me you are nothing you dont even exist , you earn a penny or a billion dollar i dont give a d***. Why the fck its bothering you. We are discussing here on guns of boom and you are putting your a** in it for what? I dont want to pick cheap fight on you, im a man. not some kid like you. i dont have much time to play this s***, may guns of boom remain or not i dont care. i dont have much time for this s***. but whenever i play im gonna use cheats and those which are absolutely free, now if this is your problem then to fck yourself. who the hell are you to tell us to buy script, i dont wanna buy fckn stupid stuff why do you dictate what you want, go fck somewhere else. Keep your ranting to yourself if you dont want another long theasis on how your rip other ppl work and make yours then dont pick me. go fck with your script i dont want it as free. Have a good day, and keep selling more and more to noobs.
  13. @wolfxxx bro i and we all here dont care if someone is selling things or giving it free but thing that really bothers me is this statement. " Don't ask me for free, if you are poor then leave the game".. Now this is really sad. You see I've been using @saiaapiz script only for esp from long time, perfect coding, not buggy and wonderful wonderful script, it was free we're using it, now he left with grace said no more update and he was selling it somewhere else. That's how you do it professionally. We don't have problem in it too. No game remain always addictive, sooner or later we all will leave this and move forward to something else. And then these developers know that these f2p masses are the real reason their game was hit. only 10% p2w are nothing in number but it is us who run the company.
  14. NO you get it wrong whole time again and again. Actually no buddy ****n cares you won 3k euro or 3m euro go earn it all. Now if you come to your actual abusive language then let me be more friendly and not properly mannered to tell you, that @saiaapiz script piss on your so called vip hack, bunch of different scripts compile in one and said its a fckn achievement like you reached mars or what, so buggy even after loading, game lag like s*** and you name this stupid script as vip, no coder ask you to remove their code because you copied it, you plagiarized it. And yes we or I is dumb if this is very good website to sell and if we cant pay why we need to stfu it is you whos constantly crying like a women over this script not us or me. We are happy on @punkaZ work and we vouch him big time, no matter this script patch in a minute we dont care we at least have this one minute of enjoying. so stfu and know your role, no buddy here to bother you how and what you are earning, its your domain live and earn but you ripped the game, cheated them no one cried, now if somehow this script is similar to yours like your is similar to old ones of different programmers than why you're crying. Remember if this site is good to sell for you then it is good to get free stuff for us too. You cheated the game that was fair, someone cheated your work now that's unfair. You dont only need a brain but proper manners too. Have you ever listened what goes around comes around. You become this phrase in real life. Enjoy the game and let us at least enjoy it before it patched.
  15. 3000 euro, d*** its a whole lot of money there and still your greed comes in, you see you are sharing picture of a person blackmailing you like you are on some saint work. Brother dont look the picture from one side see atleast full view of it, you are cheating the game which makes you wrong and then you get cheated by another person that's how it goes yet you manage to pull 3k euro out of ppl pocket. You are good in making codes, do it for your pocket no one ever be jealous of you, it's your skill and may you earn more and more out of it BUT my point is this is not the right platform to sell. We are here only for those games which let us only 2 options to go forward either pay money or use cheats so most of the ppl are not tht rich to give you money, we do it other way. One dont need to be einstein to know this simple fact that if we have to pay for the cheats then why dont we pay for actual game. Thus this destroys the purpose of this community. On a side note: If i talk about my self and offcourse assume abt most of the ppl here we are not dumb to use wallhacks, i myself using @saiaapiz script from long time atleast months but i only use it for esp not even headshot bcoz this even get reported and i dont want my acct ban, we all know what hack we have to use or what not, for me tbh wallhack is like banning yourself nothing else. And i request @punkaZ to also remove wallhack bcoz ppl report it asap or make a vid out of it and ban plyrs. guns of boom developers dont care s*** about their users, they are not fair to us so we do the same to them. There's nothing to cry on. It is what it is.
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