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    Low Speed Detection

    Hi everyone! First of all my name is John and this is my 1st post in this forum, thanks to developers for this wonderful tool! I have a question about speedhack. Im user of Perfect Kick app (penalty shoot game) for android. I use gg just for speedhack, increasing speed works great, I can up speed till 3600 without problem but when I want to make speed go down, if I set it lower than 0.7, game guardian is detected and account is banned (3 to 7 days for the momment). Is not inmediately but if I use it in 0.5 for 2-10 matches I get account ban. Using at 0.7 I can play all day without problem. Is there anyway to prevent this detection? Actually I use xposed with xprivacy and rootcloak to deny the game to see my superuser terminal commands, app lists, root access and everything I could restrict to it. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance! And thanks again for this wonderful tool!!