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  1. Be careful , this script access network.
  2. The true competitor disappeared. If open various files, there is nothing else. Only the menu layout was changed. Ctrl + c, v all the same function And I get paid for the vip.
  3. emulator wallshot is working??
  4. aimbot same ,no recoil<1868756421> same, sit aim<136> same, it's not new, not fix, a DTamvans premium?, GG
    thaknks.bro .. but , no recoil, sit scope ...Firing..AimBot..is DTamvan premium?????? so garbage ~
  5. high view kill not working ....
  6. high view fire it working ..good~ . but A little higher , please bro
  7. Lift Sit Down Aim , can not kill the enemy. not working
  8. sit scop It's too low, but if it's a little higher, is not it working?
  9. wall hack ,aim ,color, black sky ,snow,tree, speed, not work zoom works weirdly
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