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  1. So far I've messed with the Mana during battles, which uses float, but that's it so far, and modifying store prices gives an error and reverts back to actual prices
  2. Very old, but I'm trying to modify everything I can. Days, ammo, money, crystals, gun levels, it's all possible. Was wondering if you were ever able to modify the weapon's stats yourself. I'm trying but it seems like it's all correlates with the level of the gun itself, and changing it to a wacky number above 60 doesn't change it at all. I doubt I'll get an answer for a game and stuff so old, but to whoever sees this.
  3. Is the vid still available? I don't see it out there so I'm assuming?
  4. Hopefully this gets a bit of attention. It seems that the values don't use negative D Word values, not even positive works. @NoFear if there's any way you could help us out again, that'd be pretty awesome and I'd be very grateful as always. You definitely are like the master at finding the values.
  5. I apologise everyone, I'm still in the process of moving to a new home, and unfortunately/fortunately my BTD6 data needed to be deleted (backup your data if you do mod, it has happened twice where it was stuck on the loading screen indefinitely). But I promise you guys that I'll get these videos up for you guys, I'm happy to actually contribute to Game guardian modding this time. Also Lucky Patcher doesn't work so you can't just buy double cash mode, I'm sure there's a work around for that though, maybe save data modding via hex editing, but I don't dabble with it though.
  6. Proof, just got out of work, will do the video now!
  7. I found out how to hack the regular money, book points, powerups, some troop upgrades, I'll post screenshots and video after I get off of work. I'm assuming the video above is basically just leaving the money care package powerup alone and when it disappears, it gives you the 6 mil. I found that too surprisingly, I thought it was just a glitch
  8. Managed to hack XP, will make a video as soon as I do money :)))
  9. I'd like to add that if you do time jump, leave the game and come back, it will refresh and end up adding all the time that had been skipped, but to some that shouldn't matter?
  10. Same here. So far I've only found that you can time jump ahead using the time jump panel, to obtain the Daily Rewards. Try XOR method too, I haven't tried it yet but I'll try a few methods in a bit, gotta leave the hotel in a few. Remember to also try modifying the purchase cost values if possible, then make that number a negative so the game pays you :)))
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