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  1. It's coming in the near future but we don't know when.
  2. Yes! That's perfect! Awesome work, NoFear.
  3. Yes, perfect. Now if you can get the 2000 up to 200K or 2 Mil. That would be amazing!
  4. Yeah, each 1 cog represents 1 mile or 1 kilometer flown. So in your "Supersized" video the 20 cogs is 20 miles/20 bro-bot experience. Is that what you mean by "qty rewarded"?
  5. NoFear, that all looks awesome. But getting experience (mileage) for Bro-bots takes forever. I didn't see anything in your videos that increases/affects experience. Can it be hacked? Also, I'm super eager for the gold/credit hack. Got so many planes to level. lol. When can we get our hands on it? ? Thanks!
  6. Also, any chance of a Bro-bot experience mod?
  7. _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later NoFear, that's awesome so far! Can you PM instructions/tutorial when you get a chance? Thanks for all your hard work!
  8. I'd love to see a hack for this. Thanks!
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