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    How to avoid detection of virtual space ?enyby

    I this is too much tough for @Enyby
  2. doodly007

    PUBG 0.8.5 MOD PSY V3.1

    This is the beta version of pubg
  3. doodly007

    Pubg unlock banned account script

    There was not any script which can unban any accoun. Only Tencent can unban you.i think there was no any optionfor unban
  4. doodly007

    Parallel Space + 64-Bit Support

    Use Octopus for virtual Space
  5. doodly007

    Parallel Space + 64-Bit Support

    @Envywhen I'm using pubg on parallel Space but when I'm trying to log in Google account in pubg my game stopped. Why I'm facing this problem ??? What's the solutio???
  6. I'm facing problem when i try to log in pubg with parallel space through Google account
  7. doodly007


    Which mod versioni should use???
  8. Does it safe???.is there any surety not to get ban???
  9. when I run guardian app I can not selected my game only Google play service and play store can be select. my device is not rooted. but I use guardian app through parallel space. why I'm facing this problem
  10. doodly007

    suddenly game guardian app stopped.

    yeah iit iis online game.is there have any solution #maplas. but I've enough memory or space #Enyby
  11. doodly007

    suddenly game guardian app stopped.

    some time when I'm playing game guardian app stopped.because of this I lost my coin. why??? please solve this problem. my phone is nonrooted.
  12. doodly007

    suddenly game guardian app stopped.

    ok.I'll try with virtual xposed.can u tell me. when I used game guardian with lua script on forward assult game. the game running for few minutes but it stopped why???