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  1. NotAnulots_

    105 error.

    I'm sorry for offending you but, thanks for help anyways. I'm using Parallel Space and it works better than VirtualXposed.
  2. NotAnulots_

    105 error.

    Okay, so as I mentioned in title there's 105 Error. But it's different. Firstly, i download GG from this website (latest version) then, i add it to VirtualXposed. I'm opening it and it works nicely, after that, i removed GG then downloaded again, there's a process when it's starting, then it done. It gave me random name like "wewieksk" i downloaded it, i added it to VirtualXposed and it gave me 105 Error, as i mean the "random" names doesn't working on my VirtualXposed, I'm using optimized version of GG, VirtualXposed. Thank you ~~
  3. NotAnulots_

    LUA scripting

    Is there any way i can prevent people from stealing my lua script codes? Well yea, they're stealing them..
  4. Hello there! I'm from Turkey, and i can try to update translation for Turkish language, it's a bit messed up and random words, so i can fix this!
  5. NotAnulots_

    GameGuardian Magic Edition - GameGuardian

    I hope so! Excited.. _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later By the way, is there any position i can work for Game Guardian? if yes, which ones? which requirements? Also, if you want, i can try translating Turkish language. I'm Turkish so yea..
  6. NotAnulots_

    GameGuardian Magic Edition - GameGuardian

    28 hours i hope so, but it's working on VirtualXposed? _______________________________________________ added 4 minutes later Man this is just crazy! Like... ugh. HOW THE HECK you change stuff with just thinking with your brain.. Uh, it's actually hard to believe but, i trust Enyby so..
  7. NotAnulots_

    GameGuardian Magic Edition - GameGuardian

    I wonder, when you release this? Like 1 day later? 2-3 hours? I mean, can you estimate a date for it? Best regards~~
  8. NotAnulots_

    GameGuardian Magic Edition - GameGuardian

    We hope so, we're actually excited about that Magic Edition, who knows it's prank or something. But i prefer to don't get weak early..