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  1. yes, if you have changed the value you can buy it and get what you have entered 
    can also change the money value just how I do not know yet
    6 minutes ago, tejeskv said:

    i just found it by guessing similar addresses LOL. So it legit gives me the amount if i try and buy it? :o


  2. On 28.4.2018 at 3:04 PM, FlamingHarlekin said:



    This is the Video for the Energy Hack, you'll need atleast 20gems. Its also very simple to follow.

    Also for the Speed hack to work. Use it normally and when it says "Connection Error" just use the speed hack again but put a - infront of the numbers.
    Ex. If you used 9300 to skip 2h 35m then when Connection Error pops up, use -9300 and Retry. Your game might Freeze when doing the Quest but a Quick restart and it works fine again.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/4p1crefil6dg2kx/Harry Potter [Energy hack] %23ALPHAGAMERS.NET.mp4?dl=0

    try it on Diamants :p it works too i buy the smalls item in the part for 0,99 €  ^^ at the moment no a free part but it works and sorry my english is very bad :p

  3. 20 minutes ago, Reiard said:
    Just visual change or are you really able to use this value for purchases? 
    Visual change really is easy, I want to see make buy something with this value without it coming back to be what it was before or closing the game.




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