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  1. Use code of explorer pack from script that @Ultraf229 posted video. And use free store from latest script of @Anonymous1000 Video for free store is here. I got all 6 explorer books and now using split hack to split at maximum number. I unlock almost all experience and skills. ?
  2. Hey @Anonymous1000 Thanks for the video. Really missing your old stuff tho. Specially MOD apk. Any chance that we have MOD apk for 1.8.2 as I hear Kefir made it impossible to mod this game again? I really liked split hack in that mod. I only trust your mod files. thanks again for old videos that help me to build chopper and other stuff. Keep it up buddy.
  3. Thanks for reply. I tried different vpn n locations but same error. also tried download apk from other website and make it without license verification from LP and then use vpn but same error. Also I didn't sign in into game then how they know my location or id from which region (as I am using apk from external site that also without license verification apk plus opera vpn). Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks for response. Yes, I know that and I tried. According to luckypatcher method I need to rebuilt apk without license verification (Did same and still getting error). And I tried it before looking in google as I am regular user of LP and GG. Still it gives me same error. Any help?
  5. Game is available for download on playstore and when I downloaded and start, It says "unable to play limited beta ". Please help. (I downloaded from playstore)
  6. Hey Anonymous 1000 Thanks for the hack. I need gas tank. And I tried your script in v1.8 that worked like charms. But in 1.8.1 its not working. According to your this video (that what I tried in v1.8 and got tank but in 1.8.1 it is not working) When I reduced number of petrol from 1000 to 980 and refine Dword shows empty result. Same when I try 980 to 960 or any number. First time it shows many 980 results but then second refine get 0 results. (This trick worked in 1.8 but not working now). Please help. Thanks in advance. Edit:- Anyway, I figure out with your latest video and set free store pointers to gas tank. And now I have gas tank but It floods in my Inbox (like 20-25 gas tank arrived in inbox). Thanks for the Script.
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