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  1. You set filters to 1000? Follow my video, if you don't understand yet. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1MxjZtEkswz3Svj9foLU2HT1rVZRYr1Ac _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later The hack still work on NFS 2.9.3?
  2. Just remember, YOU NEED ROOT. Use SuperSU or magisk. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1MxjZtEkswz3Svj9foLU2HT1rVZRYr1Ac _______________________________________________ added 4 minutes later One video still processing, but you can download for see.
  3. My video is uploading. Sorry for the delay. My internet is really sucks. And sorry for my game guardian and NFS not be in english, they are in brazilian portuguese. But I think it's really easy to follow the video. I made a tutorial of Gold hack. I tried with the money hack but doesn't work for me. _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later If you follow the video right I believe you will not have any failure.
  4. Hahahahah. Waiting my video. Maybe your doubt is cleared up.
  5. And this root isn't from root king or something like this, you need the root of superSU or Magisk for example.
  6. But fisrt of all you need rooting your smartphone. Install root checker for see if you have or not a root. If you don't have root than do it. The XDA forum can help you with this. _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later I not upload here, probably I will save on Google drive, then I will share the link here.
  7. I'll make a video showing how to do it. In about 2 hours I send It here.
  8. I did as you told me and now it worked, I was able to increase the gold. Money still did not work for me.
  9. Not yet, unfortunately. _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later Not yet, I will do to see if I can modify the values of gold and money
  10. For Gold Crates hack you just need to search for 165600, adword. Them change all the values for 1. _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later The hack for money not works for me. I do like the tutorial. And I don't understand how to activate the tuning races hack. Can you explain it to me?
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