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  1. Anyone know one method to hack the resources for war in this version?
  2. Any hack to get resources for war?
  3. How to get so much resource for war????
  4. How i can use everytime? It work for me one time only.
  5. i don't know how. I want to know how to change card values of energy,
  6. Same method was i shared whit you. _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later They got many points whit maxed cards and energy bug every 3 hours.
  7. How i can do this pls? I and my friends only find opponents who use this card 3 times. We know how to raise the level of the cards, that's all. _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later They log on for a few minutes and make a huge difference fast. _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later In 1 hour they (3 or 4 players) makes 40k.
  8. Oh ok, thanks, I hope you can, if I can, I'll share with you.
  9. The infinite energy hack at least will give me an advantage over the inactive opponents. _______________________________________________ added 4 minutes later @NoFear you can share your method of unlimited hack whit us please? Or can tell what the value to search to find the energy ?
  10. All another hacks know to use any hack and my club only have items to use cards.
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