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  1. Bloodbathking


    On some games I have been able to locate and modify your the number and even though the number value has changed and saved the game does not understand the new value. Insufficient funds available so either I am not finding all of the data or editing the wrong type of value.
  2. I played in brr with a maxed viper srt minus completed parts for tuning and My account got banned and now I'm playing on the same account just a new profile my only advice is not to hack nitro reset your speed hack and keep your hacked funds reasonable. Hope this little bit of advice can help somebody
  3. Lol well that worked to change my gold amount then after first purchase it went to zero. The search came up with 3 options with 3 different numbers so I changed the only one that was the same
  4. That's what I was in _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later That is text editor
  5. How do you use the code I have tried to install it in the save/load file it says the data and files don't match what has been saved
  6. A little off topic but just got my phone rooted and now trying to get the hang of gg so my first question is for exact value search my gold 251 I know to use the hex search and dward but what do I actually type in search box and find the correct search
  7. Yes the races are easy for the most part just not enough gas to fill my needs and not enough gold to keep buying hard enough to get enough scapegoats for blueprints yet alone the parts
  8. Besides cash what else was able to be changed? Scrap value, gas, nitro, gold??
  9. Since I am still new to game guardian even in the virtual environment I am having trouble getting the overlay to stay on the screen. I will eventually get it figured out. But my question is until I get access to a computer to root my phone is there anybody will to add some items to my account
  10. Bloodbathking


    Ok so I managed to find a virtual environment to work for me when I load up g g I get this
  11. Bloodbathking


    Ok I've been wanting to try game guardian for a while. I just Haven't been successful at getting my phone properly rooted. Ok so my question is about virtual environment what do I need to download and how do you set game guardian to limited I did find this I don't think it the Correct type
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