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  1. I messaged d2dyno and he didnt reply yet. Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk 2
  2. When I click upload file I dont know what to choose.
  3. Do you have to use titanium backup to attach it?
  4. curtis2770


    How do I post my hacked game apk onto gg.
  5. Can someone hack bike race so that i can get the ultra bike please.
  6. When I Google it I can't find anything on that subject and I don't have a friends computer I can use. the only computer I have access to is the library
  7. My phone is a Samsung SCH-R680 version 2.3.6 any tips on how to root it without a computer?just got this phone.
  8. Thanks d2dyno But it's incompatible with my phone
  9. Is there a way to backup and Restore data without root access
  10. When I search for a value on gg it never finds the value it just says searching for a number and then at the bottom it says abort can anyone help me fix this
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