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    Usually currency values are stored very close to each other in memory. So you if find other currency values then find the gem value close to that address then you might be able to change it. It's only possible if currency values are stored closely. [added 2 minutes later] Or, you can just clear data of your game and start a new game and rehack everything right.
  2. Amizz

    Hacking Яespɒwnɒbles

    Sorry to say this , I have some important things coming up so I won't be able to help here. But still I will check this thread sometimes.
  3. Amizz

    Hacking Яespɒwnɒbles

    tried group search in A but doesn't work idk why. Check the pic above bro I hacked most currency and gadgets. All of the values were encrypted and in Ca region but after the 8.2 update I can't find any encrypted value of gadgets or currency. You can find exact dwords which if changed doesn't change anything in game. So in a pinch here. You can check @Enybys vid. You could hack with this method bfr but now it's not working.Link - Respawnables - hack money and gold - search encrypted - GameGuardian (#3zh1wnpw) Can you try this method to see if it works for you ? @nalcwap
  4. Amizz

    Hacking Яespɒwnɒbles

    I think it's a keyboard problem (not hardware) when typing. I'm guessing the game can't get the letters u wrote and in the rectangle it remains blank and blank name is not allowed which is why it gives error. First click on the rectangle to write name. Also use the internal emulator keyboard.
  5. Amizz

    Hacking Яespɒwnɒbles

    Using phone. I never heard about a name problem before. You should be able to write any name. Does the game show any error message?Can you send a screenshot?
  6. Amizz

    Hacking Яespɒwnɒbles

    For some reason can't find the encrypted value of anything after the new update. Can you take a look please if u have time ? @NoFear I saw a comment you said u were working on Afterpulse which is made by the same developer DLE. So these games might have similar structure.
  7. Great. Thanks a lot. I'm gonna try these myself.
  8. great tuto. I knw most of these but I couldn't hack/find anything with pointers. Did you hack anything with pointers? I couldn't find any vids on hacking with pointers (GG not CE though). So I'm looking for a game which can be hacked by pointers or pointers are used.
  9. Great to see people Hacking this game with unrandomizer.GL
  10. Well it's an old but fun game I used to play. It's still a good fps. But this game is a Tier S P2W game. Without spending money you can't get almost anything. Which is why I (decided) hacked it. But I need some help. Everything in this game is in encrypted dword (region Ca). You can hack gadgets amount, money,gold etc(pic). But still you have to pay to get the op event weapons and bundles. Also I couldn't hack health and ammo. So I was wondering if anyone could help me with these hacks, 1. Hacking bundles/event weapons by changing buyable weapon's ID (in shop) to event weapon's ID (normally only obtainable through events or paying) if possible. 2. Hacking health and ammo. IDK if these values change every match. 3. Hacking the agility/health/accuracy stats gained from clothes. 4. Hacking event points and medal points. Well any help would be appreciated but fyi no.1 is a advanced one and as far as I know very few people can do it . Here's the link- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dle.respawnables TIA.
  11. Fantastic work. Even though I'm really busy now to test.
  12. Amizz

    Age of magic.

    I'm really curious about what method the used. Looking forward to it
  13. Amizz

    Hungry Dragon

    Easiest method is to use Hiromacro to open 1 egg, save the macro and let the macro run without you doing anything to buy as much as you want. Advanced method is to look for the drop chance or pet Id and change it but it is time consuming. So do what you like. GL.
  14. I knew it. Just wanted to be sure. But the problem is changed/unchanged returns too many values and I have never made it to less than 20-50 results with searching only changed/unchanged. Also I have 1gb ram phone so it takes a long time every search. I have given up on hacking iMonster because of this.
  15. Say in a game the xor key is 444444(like in bullet force) and in game value increased from 7 to 8. After calculating value 7 is 444443 and value 8 is 444436. Question is in fuzzy search can I find this encrypted value by searching for "Value Increased"? Or not because the encrypted value actually decreased. So?
  16. Amizz

    Dupe Items

    Idk since I used these apps long ago.
  17. Amizz

    Dupe Items

    I guess when the cache data is coming from server, if you capture that you can edit it. I'm not sure though.
  18. Amizz

    Dupe Items

    I don't understand what you meant by the example. And like I said I'm no expert on this but Packet capture basically intercepts and captures the data you send or receive from server. So you check the data packets of any ONLINE app .offline apps don't send anything to server so you can't do anything about that I guess.
  19. Amizz

    Dupe Items

    I used Packet capture app by grey shirt a year ago. You can capture packets But I don't know if you can edit with this app. Also games may send data to server encrypted which is hard to understand/change I guess. Google to find out more. Good luck☺
  20. Amizz

    Dupe Items

    That image- it's possible he used some kinda injection to change what he bought. I'm no expert but if it's nox then he may have used Wireshark to capture data packets and edit packets to send server fake data. Basically Changing what he bought to whatever he wanted(those crystals I guess).
  21. Already did. Fuzzy returns no value. Also encrypted search and fuzzy are practically same . tried that too. Also tried xor 2,4,8,10,100 etc.no luck. I think values might be in encrypted double or qword since unrandomizer worked.but idk how to find it.
  22. I found the health value with exact dword search in CA region but changing the value doesn't change anything. Also this value changes address Everytime you go to a new floor. Anyone still trying to crack this game? There's mod version of this game but that's no fun.only cracking with GG in fun.
  23. Thanks to @Newbi for pointing the neg/post values. I found out how these are encrypted. There are 3 addresses for every value. They are 4 bytes apart and they are random. 1st and 3rd address indicate the value and if one is neg then the other will be pos and the sum of these two numbers equals to what you have.idk what the 2nd address indicate. To find the values first select a region. search exact gold,spend some gold , refine until 1 result. The region of that address is the value region. Now tick only that region and search 1;1;65537::13 then 65537. You will get a couple results. Now u have to go to each 65537 s memory and check the 3 dwords 4 bytes down until u find the right one. Look for 3 numbers(most time less than ±500000). check the 1st and 3rd value and add them. That indicates your level.if you found the value then add 10/20 to the pos number and check the game to see if your level changed. If changed then you found it. Now the values after those first three indicate xp,gold,skill, talent,honor,.... Everything. To change add numbers to the positive value as much as you want. But Don't add absurd amount. This will ruin your gameplay experience.100-1000 is fine I guess lol.
  24. Maybe change shop item value to neg?
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