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  1. of course he do. the real script is from china, translated in english what a nice sell dude
  2. wallhack work perfectly on android nougat using mi5 aimbot is force close error GG
  3. when to use script? in hall or lobby or battle ?
  4. script is still work, according to protection of PUBG u must fasthand, before u see logo bluehole company then bypass protecting at this point by using tutorial of TS
  5. this script is ban for 10years amazing work bro hahaha
  6. nice script dude - ESP Character Colour - No Grass - Female Antenna - Walk Through Wall - Body Giant
  7. u must bypass anti cheat protecting in pubgm
  8. i get it, because when i use the old one i can use speedhack 1.6x and after i update fireteam mode the speedhack its not working. can you PM me link the old one ?
  9. no, you run gameguardian and don use any script play normal in 10min, you got ban for 3 day
  10. no all script in past menu feature are ban 3 days. just play with normal or no grass 16*16 with gltools
  11. no you don't this is work only if you play with vpn like a pinoy player (your enemy is bot, all player spell is execute)
  12. they use invisible hack like a flying and half body escape and no ban, i just use no grass and antenna red, im done play solo ranked in asia server they script is insane
  13. wallhack is not ESP or D3D or someting like that, when you near of the wall like at house and building you can see at in.
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