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  1. I usually update it within 1 day or 2, people prefer different methods of hacking. I don't mind what people do, just I find that pressing a button was quicker than editing the xml or gg'ing the coins and upgrading one by one.
  2. Very sorry for it not working, I found a massive bug with permissions that stopped it. I didn't notice because it worked fine for me until I put a new ROM on my phone.
  3. Hill Climb Racing game save: http://apps.jameslakin.co.uk/hillclimb/gs.xml It's the one used in my Hill Climb Modder and is updated for the very latest version (New truck and 4x4 car). Out of interest what are you going to do with this?
  4. It means that the process should have worked and modified your game file. Just in case it didn't work I put 'should'.
  5. This app will allow you to unlock all the cars (fully upgraded) and levels at the push of the button provided you have root access on your device. You will lose your high scores and coins but there's no need for them with your fully upgraded tank! Now updated to unlock the tourist bus! HillClimbModder.apk
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